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brick by brick projects

2016 to present

lego buddy spends a day at the museum

Our larger-than-life LEGO® buddy spent a day at MSI, where it was discovered that there really is something for everyone at the Museum during the holidays! LEGO buddy has fun throughout MSI but realizes his true happiness when he sees the Brick by Brick exhibit. I helped storyboard the video, and assisted in the production as the talent inside the LEGO buddy costume. 

build egg-citement during easter

Brick by Brick opened just before Easter, so we came up with a simple strategy to film inside the iconic Baby Chick Hatchery in honor of the holiday. Adam Reed Tucker built the miniature MSI featured in the video, and we came up with the rest of the staging including using plastic eggs filled with bricks and MSI's logo rendered in LEGO-bricks.

facebook advertising

Brick by Brick was one of the first times we went all in on a Facebook advertising campaign. I wrote most of the ads based on the campaign "Build the Unbuildable," which won a Golden Trumpet with PCC.

out of home advertising

I assisted the advertising team with their bus shelter builds. I suggested they show the underside of a LEGO brick inside the shelter, and I oversaw the "guess a brick" social media contest where we encouraged people to guess how many LEGO bricks were inside the shadow box. Additionally, I mocked up what the LEGO-brick rendered Colosseum would look like as a double decker bus. (Ultimately the team went with a Golden Gate Bridge LEGO structure for the bus.)

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