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robot revolution projects

2015 and 2017

bb8 visits the museum
One tiny BB8 takes on 14 acres of awesome and makes some unexpected friends along the way! I conceptualized and assisted in production of video that received a Golden Trumpet Award from the Publicity Club of Chicago. It was an instant hit and currently has over a million views on YouTube, and it was picked up by Mashable. Also, I loved the time Lin-Manuel Miranda tweeted a gif of it for May the Fourth...

holiday greeting card

Instead of sending out printed cards, we created this video to distribute to all of our audiences as MSI's holiday greeting. The concept of this video is centered on the robots throwing themselves an after hours holiday party. I helped storyboard the video and assisted with production.

ongoing social media

To keep Robot Revolution relevant and top of mind, I lead the social team in creating some additional, special moments with the versatile ROBOTIS-MINI.

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Patriotic Robot

For the Fourth of July and for patriotic holidays, this image works really well as an easy social share. (Photo: ©JB Spector, Museum of Science and Industry)